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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Many of the brownstones in New York house a business on the lower-level and tenants or office space in the upper stories.  Because the first floor ceiling in my brownstone doll house is about an inch lower than it is on the upper floors, I decided to create my own little deli, just like you might see in New York...only much, much smaller!  

Of course, I don't have near as much room to work with, but my goal is to add a couple of display cases filled with sandwiches and salads out front, and maybe another case with sweet treats, coffee, and a little cafe table and chairs in the back.  PS - I don't know where exactly the photo below came from, but I really do like the tiles!  They were a real inspiration for the floor I plan to install in the doll house deli.

Because space is as limited in New York as it is in my doll house, I might consider giving it some real deli-style by hanging sausages, meats, and cheeses from above, just like they do at Zabar's, pictured below.  I totally dig the tin-ceiling!

The fun will be inserting my own style, just like opening my very own little shop!  

...and of course, adding all the teeny-tiny details!

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