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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Here is a sample photo of the doll house I am working on.  It's a beautiful New York brownstone, and it really is from New York!  I bought it on e-bay about a year ago from a nice man who lives in Brooklyn.  This is a photo of the front exterior of the house that was supplied.  It's very sturdy, heavy as heck, unique in that it opens from both the front and the back, and came with a faux-textured sparkly finish that I must admit I'm not too crazy about...but the finish is just on the doors and trim.  The front steps are removable and have a side door that goes under the staircase to allow access through another door on the lower level...just like a real brownstone!  This house is all handmade and I see he still sells them on e-bay.  As far as I can tell, he's pretty much cornered the mini-market on New York brownstones!  If you want one, just search 'brownstone doll house' on e-bay, and if he's got one up for auction, it should pop up, no problem. It's definitely the most affordable brownstone in NYC!  :)

This is the front interior of the brownstone.  From the photos, you will notice it has three levels.  Again, this photo is supplied by the builder, but almost exactly like the one I received except mine has a faux fireplace glued to the back wall on the second floor.  I think he must have used Super-Glue to attach it because so far, I've had no luck removing it.  But I'm working on it.  

Here it is from the side with the back doors open.  As you can see, there is no texturing (or paint) on the sides.  Which is absolutely fine by me!  I actually plan to re-do the exterior by re-painting the front and back, and adding stone block to the sides.   So, yes!  As you can tell from the is a really big doll house! 

Below is a view with the back doors open.  He also made the kitchen cabinets shown on the second floor that came with the house.  Again, they must have been Super-Glued to the wall...I had a terrible time trying to get them out.  When I finally did  manage to pry them loose using a putty knife, hammer, and lots of prayer, my knuckles were bleeding and the wall had big gouges yanked out of it where the glue was stuck! 

I can hardly wait to tackle that fireplace, again.

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  1. hello! would you be willing to share the dollhouse maker's contact details? i would love one of these so very much....

    rosasharon at gmail dot com