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Monday, July 11, 2011


Wow!  So did I ever think keeping up and posting to this blog would be so tough?

To answer my own I did not!  But now is the busy-busy season for me, and as they must make hey while the sun shines!  (Even if it's raining!)

So while I have not actually been posting on this blog...I have been busy with my dollhouse.  Sorta.  I've made some fun purchases in the last few months, done some work on the Brownstone, and even worked on a doll for the house, which I purchased from a kit (and will be featuring later!)

For now, I really wanted to share this very COOL DOLL I purchased a few months ago on  She is exquisite!  Though I have no current plans to use her in the Brownstone.

I do think she is just gorgeous...all white and dead looking, as she is.  She seems to be an interesting combination of "Interview with a Vampire" meets "Marie Antoinette."  And as I write just occurred to me that Kirsten Dunst had a major roll in both of these films.

So here's Kirsten just lounging around as Marie!  And another as that scary kid from "IWAV"

The doll artist goes by the name of Sarangela on etsy.  And here is a direct link.  It seems she only has one doll available right now, and has not been real active since I bought this one back in April or it appears we've both been busy with other things.  (For me, that would be called...'making a living!')

She is a ball-jointed doll and made from cast resin. looks like it took a lot of work to me.  But I am glad someone had the time to do all the fussy little detail stuff.  She is one of my favorite purchases so far, and stands about 6 inches tall...including her poofy hair.  So perfect doll house size!  She would look really fab dressed in some Versaille-type garb.  But the truth is...I kinda dig her naked.  Ha!

Like I said...not sure what I plan to do with her yet.  Perhaps a room box of some sort.  Maybe with a haunted theme.  She definitely has a haunting sort of appeal...but in a very cool way!  The photos came directly from the they are the property of the artist.  But I am assuming she won't mind a bit of free advertising.  I think the dolls she makes totally ROCK!  For a larger image, just click on the photo.

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