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Friday, April 29, 2011


It's been a while since I apologies to my ONE loyal follower! (Whom I appreciate very much!!)  I have been busy.  As a self-employed's been tough to work on my doll house when I have to make a living.  (Pesky reality!)  FYI - I just came back from a REAL New York Brownstone on the Upper West Side in Manhattan!  Got it ready to was a HOOT!  Turned out GORGEOUS!  (Photos to follow!)

But I am now back to doing a little work on my own teeny-tiny deli.  So far, the floor is 'almost' done, I have gotten the wallpaper up, and I fashioned a counter to hold my little cash register, painted the deli cases, table, and chairs...they were formerly bright white and black, respectively, and I even figured out something fabulous for my ceiling tiles!

It's too dark to take good photos this week...been dreary and raining here.  But I will post new pics as soon as the sun decides to show itself!  In the meantime, please enjoy the REAL NEW YORK BROWNSTONE I worked on last week!  (Currently on-sale for $2M!!)  You may click on the photos to enlarge!

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